Day 13 – Qatif

Hello all I’m back real quick this time as I want to publish a new post every 4-5 days so I can reach my target by the end of the year. Here is another old area and this time Qatif. It was a small place but it still has some few old houses. Enjoy it !

مرحبا بكم عدت لكم وبشكل سريع هذه المرة لأنني أريد أن أقوم بنشر تدوينة جديدة كل ٤-٥ أيام حتى أستطيع من الوصول إلى هدفي عند نهاية العام الحالي. هنا لدينا منطقة أخرى قديمة نوعاً ما وصغيرة المساحة وهذه المرة من القطيف. لا يزال هناك بعض البيوت القديمة، استمتعوا !

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Day 7 – Qatif

Hello again. First of all I want to say thank you to all who have supported me even with a single word ! It means a lot and it makes me photograph more. Now this day it’s from Qatif in Central Vegetables Market, I went there with a group of other photographers early in the morning to see the auction of vegetables and the daily activity of the salesmen and the old men there. Most of capture are close portraits and capture the details in the face and show you the life in it !

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