Day 9 – Dammam ( rainy day )

Hello all and Back with a new series of my street life project and this time I’ve captured it in a wither that I waited for a while. Last Saturday I’ve woke up early at 7:15 am after the rain had stopped in Dammam went out to the old market near Seiko building that I took photos from in Day 1 . The early time was perfect ! It was a great photo walk and managed to capture a lot of  reflections.

This is Part One, Enjoy !

أهلا بكم وعودة مع سلسلة جديدة من مشروع حياة الشارع وهذه المرة إلتقطت هذه السلسلة في أجواء كنت أنتظرها منذ فترة. السبت الماضي استيقظت في وقت باكر الساعة 7:15 صباحاً بعد توقف المطر على مدينة الدمام، خرجت إلى السوق القديم بالقرب من مبنى سيكو الذي إلتقطت أيضاً بالقرب منه صور اليوم الأول. الوقت المبكر كان ممتازاً ! كانت طلعة تصوير رائعة وتمكنت من خلالها من إلتقاط الكثير من الإنعكاسات.

هذا هو الجزء الأول، استمتعوا !

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Day 8 – Dammam

Hello it’s been more then 2 weeks since my last post, I blame my work ! anyway I’ll try to catch up to reach my goal. This time I went to one of the oldest area in Dammam there were buildings like 50 years old, sadly about 95% of the original resident have already moved out ! and all that left is the forgien workers most are indian and yemenis. So most of the photos are for the area and the some moments that I’ve captured. Enjoy !

مرحبا لقد مضى الان أكثر من أسبوعين على أخر تدوينة، شخصياً اللوم يقع على عملي بالشركة المرهق نوعا ما ! على أي حال سأحاول أن لا أتأخر في كتابة هذه التدوينات حتى أصل إلى الهدف الذي وضعته. هذه المرة ذهبت إلى أحد أقدم الأحياء في الدمام ( حي العمامرة ) هناك مباني قديمة تعود إلى ٥٠ سنة، للأسف الشديد قرابة ٩٥٪ من سكانها الأصلين قد انتقلوا إلى أحياء اخرى وكل ما تبقى هو عمال الأجنبية معظمها هندية ويمنية. لذلك معظم الصور الان هي من المنطقة وبعض اللحظات التي تمكنت من إلتقاطها. استمتعوا !

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Day 7 – Qatif

Hello again. First of all I want to say thank you to all who have supported me even with a single word ! It means a lot and it makes me photograph more. Now this day it’s from Qatif in Central Vegetables Market, I went there with a group of other photographers early in the morning to see the auction of vegetables and the daily activity of the salesmen and the old men there. Most of capture are close portraits and capture the details in the face and show you the life in it !

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Day 5 – Dammam

Hello all

I’m happy that I’ve got the chance to go out and continue shooting for my project. This day is  another old neighborhood in Dammam, some families still living there from 50 years ago. I walked around for an hour and got to meet very nice kids and old men with the promise to be back with their photos printed. This is what my cam captured there. Enjoy !

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Day 4 – Dammam

Hello all

A new day from an old neighborhood in Dammam, I went there with my hopes that I will get good reaction for my photography and asking people for permission, I was amazed how they just not against it. Sure I didn’t get to photograph old people but lots of kids and stuff found there.

I hope you enjoy this collections for this day 

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Day 3 – Dammam

Hello with a new day from the streets of Saudi Arabia. This time I decided to visit the central market in Dammam for old, used and even new stuff. There are furniture in general but also electrical devises and clothes and junkies stuff. It’s cool to go there and find something useful with a cheap price, enough with the talking : )

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