Day 44 – Unaizah Part 2

Back again, I’m trying to edit and publish the photos I have at the moment. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of Unaizah please do, this was a quick walk in the central vegetable market in Unaizah what I noticed that most of the sellers are Saudis which is really a good thing, it was very cold morning as I remember. Hope you enjoy it!

عودة مرة اخرى، أحاول في هذه الفترة معالجة وتجهيز ونشر الصور التي لدي. إذا لم تشاهدوا الجزء الأول من عنيزة فأنصحكم بفعل ذلك أولاً، كانت هذه الجولة سريعة بعض الشيء في السوق المركزي للخضار في عنيزة وما لاحظته أن أغلب المتواجدين هناك من الباعة سعوديين وهذا شيء جيداً جداً! كان صباحاً بارداً كما أتذكره، لذا استمتعوا بالصور

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Day 7 – Qatif

Hello again. First of all I want to say thank you to all who have supported me even with a single word ! It means a lot and it makes me photograph more. Now this day it’s from Qatif in Central Vegetables Market, I went there with a group of other photographers early in the morning to see the auction of vegetables and the daily activity of the salesmen and the old men there. Most of capture are close portraits and capture the details in the face and show you the life in it !

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